NEP moves to powering its whole broadcast fleet using sustainable GD+ HVO from Green Biofuels

NEP moves to powering its whole broadcast fleet using sustainable GD+ HVO from Green Biofuels

Bracknell, UK


February 7, 2022

NEP announced today that it has switched its fleet of OB (Outside Broadcast) trucks to be powered by recycled biofuel supplied by Green Biofuels Ltd to further its commitment to combat global climate change. The introduction of GD+ HVO to the NEP UK fleet is a step forward in reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon net zero / carbon neutrality as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Simon Moorhead, Managing Director, NEP UK Broadcast Services, says, “NEP UK is committed to sustainable productions and minimising our environmental impact as we move towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Switching our fleet to be powered by GD+ HVO is one of the key initiatives we have committed to in the UK to support NEP’s global ‘Project Earth’ environmental sustainability initiative. We have agreed to responsible business targets that place sustainability at the heart of our operations and business. We believe that doing business that is right for the earth is the right thing to do.”

NEP UK made an investment to switch their entire fleet of OB trucks to use GD+HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), an ultra-low emission sustainable alternative ‘drop in’ fuel that requires no vehicle modifications for diesel engines. GD+HVO is a sustainable renewable replacement for fossil diesel and is made from 100% waste organic matter such as used cooking oils and fats and other Agri waste.  By moving its fleet of trucks to using GD+ HVO,NEP has looked to reduce its greenhouse gases related to Transport by 95%and improve local air quality by reducing tail pipe emissions by up to 85%.

Not only does this biofuel lower emissions compared to conventional fuels, but it is also an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. While moving to Biofuel does not completely reduce emissions to net zero, NEP UK will also offset any remaining emissions through a carbon offsetting programme.

Justin Readings, Transport Manager for NEP said, “NEP has switched its fleet of Mercedes units, already equipped with the latest clean diesel Euro 6 engines, to run on GD+ HVO. This move is part of a wider sustainable Project Earth initiative. We have been working with our clients and partners to reduce the carbon footprint for all broadcast sports and through this joint effort with Green Biofuels we can bring about fundamental changes which reflects our commitment to climate change.”

Magnus Hammick, COO of Green Biofuels added: “We are delighted to be supporting NEP’s journey to net zero, helping the planet one tank a time.”

All of NEP UK’s Mercedes Actros units are fitted with predictive powertrain control(PPC) which monitors the vehicle’s kinetic energy to save fuel consumption. NEP vehicles are also fitted with wind deflectors to improve fuel economy by as much as 8%, which is also great for the environment. With the assistance of Mercedes Benz driver training, this has created fuel-efficient driving patterns and sustainable, long-term savings.

NEP UK Project Earth Sustainability Initiatives include:


Renewable energy:

Following successful trials on major sporting events in 2021, NEP UK have switched from using single use batteries for its RF audio equipment to rechargeable battery units. This switch means that the company no longer wastes hundreds of partly used Lithium batteries and ensures that we always have a ready supply of fully monitored and recharged power cells for our rechargeable batteries.


Single Use Plastic (SUP) Free

NEP UK is committed to eliminating the use of Single Use Plastics during a broadcast or production. A central water station is available on site for crew where they can replenish their refillable bottle / flasks. Alternatively aluminium cans are provided, which are easily recyclable. NEP has supplied its own branded water bottles for employees removing all plastic cups from offices and locations.


Waste Management

Recycling bins are supplied on site, to enable the small amount of waste NEP produces to be recycled. Significantly the volume and types of waste generated on location have been reduced since the removal of single use plastic bottles and the removal of paper cups for hot drinks. PVC tape to fix any cabling has also been replaced by reusable Velcro straps to minimise any waste from the game.



NEP are tracking the miles travelled, fuel consumed, and emissions produced by broadcast sports production. This is data that clients require when completing a carbon footprint or carbon action plan for albert – the screen industry organisation for environmental sustainability. A hybrid model of working has meant that NEP is reducing its carbon footprint at head office and all sporting events.


Carbon Offsetting Scheme

NEP UK is working with both Carbon Footprint and albert on its Carbon Offsetting Scheme. Whilst NEP UK is committed to reducing its carbon footprint across its operations, a Carbon Offsetting programme is a proactive way to help tackle Climate Change and care for developing communities and biodiversity by becoming carbon neutral.


Albert Supplier

NEP UK is an official accredited albert Supplier. NEP UK also works with its clients to track a production’s carbon footprint and supports with productions undertaking a carbon action plan as part of an industry-recognised albert certification scheme, which rewards productions who have taken active steps to reduce their production’s carbon footprint.


Globally, NEP is committed to delivering sustainable productions and environmental responsibility. In 2019 NEP launched its global NEP Project Earth framework and priorities, to help its businesses worldwide focus on local environmental sustainability and responsibility.


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Notes to Editors:


Fuel – GD+HVO 


The HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Renewable diesel is a biomass-based diesel fuel made using natural vegetable oils and fats.


About NEP Group:

NEP Group is the leading media technology partner for content creators around the globe. For more than 35 years we have created innovative products and services for Live Production, Virtual Production and Media Processing to enable our clients to make, manage and show the world their content—anywhere, anytime, on any platform. As a trusted partner working on some of the largest productions in the world, NEP offers a complete set of end-to-end solutions, from content capture to distribution—including a growing portfolio of transformational cloud-based, software-based, and virtualized technologies. 

Headquartered in the United States, NEP has offices in25 countries with over 4,000+ employees. Together we have supported production in over 100 countries on all seven continents, and we are still growing. Our clients range from the leaders in sport, music, film and TV, to major corporate brands, agencies, to new content owners and creators all around the world. Learn how we are helping clients bring their creative visions, content, live sports, and entertainment to life at


About Green Biofuels:

Green Biofuels provides the bridging technology essential to help the transition to a greener and more renewably fuelled world. While recent technologies and further advanced fuels are in development, Green Biofuels responds to the need for alternatives to standard fossil diesel fuels now.


The company supplies its own brand of low emission and GHG (greenhouse gas) savings include completely renewable diesel alternatives made from vegetable and/or animal fats and oils.


Independent tests at the Millbrook specialist vehicle testing facility have shown that compared to standard diesel emissions, Green D+ has up to an 85% reduction in particulates, and up to a 30%reduction in Nitrogen Oxides, thanks to a special additive not found in any other HVO fuel. This means that emissions contributing to climate change are reduced, as well as pollution affecting the local air quality.


Using Green Biofuels’ products does not require any modification to engines. There is no need for costly upgrades to machinery, it can be filled into the tank and used just like diesel fuel.


The company’s aim is to encourage businesses who use diesel engines to look at adopting an environmentally friendly and commercially viable alternative to standard diesel fuels as an urgent interim solution to reducing emissions and GHG.


Green Biofuels is a UK Business Climate Leader and the first HVO supplier to be approved by Zemo’s Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme.





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