At NEP Diversity Powers Our Passion For Innovation

As a global industry leader, we pride ourselves on being innovators in media technology solutions that enable our clients to make, manage and show the world their content. First and foremost, though, we are a people company. We understand that a workforce that reflects the world we live in is a workforce with broad perspective, different ideas, and innovative approaches to help us better serve our clients.


Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

NEP strives to foster, cultivate, and maintain a diverse and inclusive working environment in which all people are treated with dignity, decency, and respect. 

First and foremost, we are a people company. Our people contribute to NEP's success through their own ideas, passions, knowledge, innovation, personal expression, talent, and life experiences.  A diverse workplace enables us to better serve our clients through diversity of thought and informed decision-making.  

The NEP Global Inclusion Council

More than 30 Inclusion Champions from around our business (and the globe) meet quarterly to share progress, ideas and success stories, and to prioritise future actions.

Equal Opportunities for all

NEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to creating a workplace where human rights are respected, and all individuals are encouraged to make the most of their capabilities.

NEP’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our policy applies to all NEP employees and people engaged with NEP and present at an NEP location. All employees are expected to exhibit conduct that fosters and encourages diversity and inclusion.

our principles

We have created global principles to guide us to providing a more inclusive environment where all employee's ideas are heard, and each person can feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work every day.

We aim to create an inclusive working culture that respects and values differences whilst encouraging individuals to contribute their best.

We commit to supporting talented people from any background to meet their potential at all levels of the company.

We expect all employees, regardless of level, seniority, department, or location, to support the creation of an inclusive and diverse workplace.

We believe that creating an inclusive culture and championing employee diversity is the right thing to do for our business, our customers, and our people. Doing these things enables us to better serve all by bringing our best selves to work every day, with diversity of thought and different perspectives that spark innovation - the lifeblood of our business. 

We commit to (re)defining processes and ways of working to ensure that we foster, cultivate, and maintain an inclusive and diverse working environment.

We will not tolerate unlawful discrimination on any grounds.

Building a Better Tomorrow

We are embracing new ways to make NEP an even better and inclusive place to work. We have built a solid foundation on which we can grow, and have been accelerating our programme and activities to include:

  • Refreshed NEP Core Values with ‘Do Right’ as a core value.
  • A Global Inclusion Council with "Inclusion Champions" within NEP UK to guide our global efforts, identify ways to improve our culture, and commit to driving meaningful change.
  • New recruiting strategies to widen our talent pool and attract more diverse talent.
  • An online recruitment training programme to support hiring managers and de-bias the process with interview guides.
  • New, inclusive policies and principles to outline expectations for employees and to support their personal career development.
  • A Global Women’s Network, and internal mentoring programme.
  • Inclusive leadership training for over 500 executives, senior and line managers.
  • Sharing stories of our people and how they bring unique talents and perspectives to their roles.

Bigger Than Commitment

We aren't just committed to growing diversity and inclusion at NEP. we are celebrating it.  

We continue to foster a diverse and inclusive working environment where all people can be themselves at work.

We continue to explore new ideas on how both diversity and inclusion can help our teams connect and thrive. As a global industry leader, we embrace our employees’ differences and appreciate the value these differences bring to our business. We are committed to creating a workplace that inspires innovation, embraces change, and fosters teamwork and inclusion.

It’s a big commitment, and we are proud to work with our clients and Industry Partners to make this an integral part of everything we do. We can't wait to tell you more about everything we're doing and invite you to join us on this journey.

industry partners


We are proud to be official Industry Friends with the Film & TV Charity, who provide and develop essential services for the film and TV community. We are committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing amongst both our employees and freelancers and support their work and Industries.


We have been working very closely with RISE, which promotes gender equality. From supporting various Open Days to inspire a younger, more diverse generation to join our Industry.Our employees have benefited from RISE mentoring programme, with one of our engineers winning an award at the most recent RISE Awards.


Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) plays an important part in helping us deliver our full potential at NEP. We are proud of our work with STEM, with many of our employees regularly committing their time to give talks at schools to inspire people to follow a career in this Industry. We know the positive impact role models and mentors can have on future generations as they develop, so we like to inspire the next generation of NEP talent!

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