Studio Production

Custom Studio Solutions for Any Production

We offer more than 40 complete studios ready for hire in the U.S., Australia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden — with the ability to create custom studio control rooms anywhere. Offering the latest technology supported by the finest technical staff in the business, our flexible studio solutions can meet the needs of any production, no matter the size, scale or genre.

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Custom Control Rooms Worldwide

In addition to our permanent studio facilities, we can create a solution for any studio production — anywhere around the globe. Our expert engineers design, build and maintain our custom control rooms based on the unique needs of each show we support. Our control rooms are designed and built to be "semi-permanent" with sturdy, custom consoles, modular, custom fabricated rack units in a spacious, comfortable environment designed to feel like home for crews working in a daily show production.

With more than 40 studios and the ability to build custom control rooms anywhere, we have the perfect space for your next production.

From custom control rooms to fully equipped studios, NEP has a solution for you.