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BBC Proms

BBC Proms
London, UK


Throughout July, August and into September, we install and rig our facilities into the Royal Albert Hall to help bring to life the BBC Proms season for television.  In the last 4 years we covered over 100 televised concerts as well as Proms Extra, the BBC Proms weekly review programme. Each concert requires an average of 25 people in our technical delivery team, every one of whom is an expert in their field. With up to 6 NEP-managed vehicles parked on site at the busiest times, numbers of cameras for each concert range from 4 for the smaller concerts, right up to 15 for the live broadcast of the world famous Last Night of the Proms. We start work with the BBC’s teams as early as February each year to ensure our part in a very busy and complex schedule is understood and delivered to the highest standard.

Mike is a well respected Technical Projects Manager where he delivers a wide range of program genres, he works on many large scale live events in sports, news & light entertainment. 

Mike has a wealth of experience in the OB industry managing teams and consistently delivers high level productions in both live and recorded environments.

To learn more about BBC Proms, contact Mike McGaw,