NEP Production Centre -

A Premier media facility designed to facilitate exceptional storytelling

NEP Production Centre - London provides cutting-edge tools that expand creative possibilities, all supported by NEP’s world-renowned engineering prowess and technical abilities. Designed to adapt to the needs of any production, this facility can handle a complete managed solution for all types of broadcast or streaming productions, it provides flexible operating positions and virtual studio/set solutions, as well as the ability to bring in our portfolio of media solutions.  Conveniently located in the heart of London, this production centre offers superior connectivity that can link your production to virtually any location around the globe. As part of NEP’s global network of datacenters and broadcast facilities, it enables us to tap into our vast resources around the globe and rapidly deploy new, innovative products and services as they launch.  

This space is Flexible, Connected, Innovative, Convenient, and Well-Appointed.

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The entire facility was designed to be modular and flexible, allowing it to meet the needs of any type of production of any size or scale. It includes spaces that can be configured for control rooms, edit, reversioning, sub-cut, media management, vision control/shading, sub cut and production galleries.

Connected to the firepower of NEP’s datacenters, this facility allows us to scale up and down on a moment's notice, as needed by the client. This allows us to not only meet the unique needs of all types of clients or productions, but also the specific needs any given production day, helping to reduce barriers and constraints on the creative development of a production.


Backed by NEP’s industry-leading connectivity capabilities and data HUB infrastructure, we can provide a fully managed connectivity solutions. Via fibre, BT Tower or Satellite, we can quickly, easily and reliably link to just about any location in the UK – as well as a growing number of locations in Europe, North America and around the globe.

  • Permanently connected to over 250 UK/Ireland event venues via NEP’s AnyLive network.​
  • Ability to connect to any OB or broadcast facility in the UK/Ireland. ​
  • Direct link to NEP’s datacenters, offering access to wide range of virtual production solutions, including graphics (2D and 3D) and Augmented Reality solutions real-time.
  • Access to NEP's in-house connectivity assets, as well as the ability to source virtually any connectivity solution.


As part of NEP’s global network of datacenters and broadcast facilities, the Production Centre - London allows us to put our full portfolio of products and services right at our client’s fingertips as soon as they are developed and launched.  With the ability to serve as a production galleries, centralized production hub, virtual studio, and more, our clients can access solutions for: ​

  • Remote commentary​
  • Virtual sets​
  • Augmented reality​
  • Graphics​Virtual edit​
  • Virtual contribution​
  • Media asset management​


Located in the heart of London on legendary Gray’s Inn Road, this facility offers the convenience of easy access to airports and public transport, as well as close proximity to many of London’s Media institutions and infrastructure. ​

  • Close to Kings Cross, Chancery Lane, and Farringdon stations
    Access to the Piccadilly, Victoria, Northern, Central, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines
  • less than 30 KM from Heathrow Airport, less than 14 KM from London City Airport and less than 60 KM from both Gatwick and Stansted Airports


In addition to its powerful, flexible production spaces, this facility includes a reception area, gorgeous atrium, breakout area and 2 meeting rooms suitable for up to 8 people. Our facility shares a building with many prestigious media companies, including ITV, ITN, Channel 4, Channel 5, Time Warner, Wall to Wall, GlobeCast, TRT World, Voodoo, and World Athletics.

Facilities Include...

  • 3 Production Control Rooms ​PCR 1 – Extra-large, 3 tiers, seating 16 people ​
  • PCR 2 – Large, 2 tiers, seating 11 people
  • ​PCR 3 – Small, 2 tiers, seating 5 people ​
  • 2 Sound Control Rooms – each 2 tier spaces sitting 2 people
  • 3 Multi-Functional Production Spaces – each single tier space seating 6 people ​
  • 9 Flexible Control Rooms – each single desk spaces sitting 2 people ​
  • A Flexible Green Screen Studio – capable of utilizing NEP’s virtual studio solutions ​
  • A Temporary Equipment Room – suitable for housing any needed equipment ​