Entertainment & Fixed Rig

Bespoke solutions for entertainment.
Experts in entertainment and reality production support, we offer custom solutions designed specifically to handle the needs of these unique productions. With the most experience across this segment in the UK, we can create a package that includes the facilities, equipment and technical support you will require.


Fixed Rig and Reality Coverage

NEP has been at the forefront of reality TV production since the conception of the genre providing production facilities and technical crew to “Big Brother” since its start, with 19 years of continuous service this show continues to lead the way in technical innovation and draw viewers.

delivering reality from around the world

NEP also provides fly pack reality coverage for shows like “Love Island” for ITV 2 which sees equipment and crew installed in Majorca for 7 weeks over the summer in a Villa to give 24/7 coverage with 70 cameras of the cast’s daily lives and tasks.

Smaller scale reality TV rigs include “Ibiza Weekender” for ITV 2 with groups of young people on their first holiday abroad.

Docu-Series Support

NEP is also involved in more documentary style fixed rig shows, with a 12 month long rig installed in a huge remote forest in Scotland for Keo Films making “Eden” for Channel 4 with 45 camera and 24 radio mics following the daily lives of the cast of 24 people as they struggle for self-sufficiency “off grid” . This is one of the most technically challenging projects undertaken with no local infrastructure, a huge site to cover and the need for the participants to have no contact with people outside their living area.

Other Fixed-Rig Projects

Other fixed rig projects include:

  • The award-winning "Educating" franchise
  • 24-Hours in Police Custody
  • The School That Turned Chinese
  • First Dates
  • In Your Ear
  • Country House

Our fixed-rig solutions can capture all the drama, no matter where it is happening.