What are we saying about mentorship

Students who attended Student Open Day made several requests to continue engagement with our staff.  To try and continue these developing releationshops NEP UK started a mentoring programme. Students are matched with our staff and start a programme that last 10 months.

In addition to our own mentorship programme, we work with STEM, a leading provider of career support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to provide presentations for students from primary school through university age.

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Benefits of Mentorship

NEP benefits from a mentoring program, among our other initiatives, because we contribute to the development of a better-trained and engaged workforce and there are many more benefits to both NEP and students:

  • Supports students into future careers.
  • Improves career and development opportunities.
  • Supports career development within minority groups.
  • Creates opportunities for NEP UK to attract and retain top talent.
  • Provides an opportunity for members of NEP UK to “give back”.
  • Builds mentoring and leadership skills and capacity within NEP UK.

Programme to grow on

Our Mentorship Programme started in 2018. After receiving positive feedback from a Mentor Meet and Greet day during the Mentorship programme at HQ in Bracknell, we found it to be such a success with over 25 mentor relationships, we have decided to continue the programme.

Mentors nurture the development of the mentee helping the mentees to find success within their chosen profession and provide empowerment to develop their strengths, beliefs and personal attributes through guidance, emotional support and role modelling.

Our Work With STEM

STEM, a provider of education and careers support, works with young people across the UK to raise engagement and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and careers.  

Through a partnership, we have set up the NEP UK STEM Ambassador initiative to encourage more staff to become STEM Ambassadors, and give talks and presentations in schools and universities about what we do and how we do it.  

We have several STEM Ambassadors within NEP UK who provide presentations, along with a small amount of kit to let students use the equipment in a safe and fun way.